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"Excellent....next time I'm in Denver area will see if y'all are playing....very
polished and cool...." -JC Davis

"People need to hear this band!" -Deanna Duncan-Allen

"You guys ROCK, in a country sense that is....." -Berned Manzanarez

"What a great band!  I'm looking forward to seeing them again!" -Tami Bass

"Had a fun time.  Music that gets you tapping your feet." -Todd Retterer

"Had a great time....a band you can see over and over again and still want more!" -Jacque Helsley

"The July 10th show at Buffalo Rose was awesome!!" -Chris Levesque

"This band is great and we're anxious to have them back!"
-Troy Clark, Buckin' Harley's

"This band is great...one of the best country bands we've had here. We want you back!" -Murray Owner, Buffalo Rose

"You guys rock!!  Wish we could have seen more!" -Jerry Phillips

"The Country Music Project is the hottest new country act in Colorado"
-Woody Woodard, Kaddyshack Roadhouse

"I love your band and I can't wait for the next show!" -Ken Ward