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In the Studio

"The album is a mix of modern country rock tunes, with a little blues mixed in, and some traditional country", says Rice.  Rice and Marie collaborated on the first track called "What If You Still Loved Me".  The tune has a modern country rock sound, with a love song ballad feel.  "This song will be a hit" says Hendrick.


Christie Marie's original ballad "Remember Me" is a haunting tune with a beautiful melody and heart wrenching lyrics.   The bluesy tune "Think Again" reflects Christie's sassy lyrics, with Rice's grinding acoustic guitar style. 


The more traditional country tune "In My Arms Again" has Hanson's lyrics mixed with Rice's eclectic acoustic arrangement.  With a cha cha feel to the song, it's sure to be a hit at the dance halls.


Don't miss your chance to pick up the CD at a summer concert series, or watch for the singles to appear on iTunes and Amazon!