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TCMP Releases Self-Titled Album

The first collection of original music from The Country Music Project is available on CD, and for download on iTunes -  


TCMP's self-titled debut album will be available for purchase on CD at all of our summer concerts!  The full album and individual singles will be available for download from iTunes.  Fans can pre-order the CD for $10.00 by sending an email to to reserve your copy. 
The lead single from the highly-anticipated self-titled album - "What If You Still Loved Me" - is available for download today!  Written by Michael Rice and Christie Marie Gerwinat, this powerful song is the first cut of a 7-track collection produced by Jeff Hendrick Music, and currently airing on KJRS radio in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.  The tune features the group's original fiddle player, Mollie Meredith-Shipman.
The album includes "Think Again", a bluesy  tune with music written by Michael Rice and lyrics by Christie Marie Gerwinat.  "In My Arms Again" is a classic country tune with a 'cha-cha' dance beat and lyrics written by TCMP's Banjo/Mandolin player Heather Hanson.  "Remember Me" is the haunting ballad written by Michael and Christie that tugs at your heart strings as it tells the story of lost love. 
"Guy Like That" is Rice's lead vocal on the compilation, with a old school rock country feel, and tells the story of winning back something previously lost.
"Long Gone" is a fiery tune composed by Christie and Jeff Hendrick that features Hendrick on lead gutiar, Rice on Keyboards and Frank Lynn on Fiddle.  With some stern lyrics from Christie Marie,  this tune promises to win over the female country rock fans.
Christie collaborates with Jeff Hendrick to compose the final cut on the EP called "95", a melodramatic tune about the remembrance of love once known.  
This compilation will be a hit with all fans of today's country music! 
1. What If You Still Loved Me  
     Michael Rice / Christie Marie Gerwinat 

2. Think Again

     Michael Rice / Christie Marie Gerwinat 
3. Remember Me
     Michael Rice / Christie Marie Gerwinat
4. In My Arms Again
     Michael Rice / Heather Hanson
5. Guy Like That
    Michael Rice / Christie Marie Gerwinat
6. Long Gone
     Michael Rice / Christie Marie  
7. 95
    Jeff Hendrick  / Christie Marie Gerwinat
Don't miss your chance to get a copy!