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TCMP Welcomes New Members

The end of 2012 was a sad time for TCMP! 


We bid farewell to our bassist Jeramy McNeely as he left for Midland, TX to follow his career goals.  Jeramy was a member of the TCMP family for most of 2012, and he will be missed.  We hear rumors that he may be back in Colorado, playing bass for Justin Lane if you have a chance to see them, don't miss it!


Filling the bassist position is Ariel Yamada, a diverse and talented musician who moved here from Alaska.  Ariel followed TCMP on Facebook and vowed one day to come audition.  His timing was perfect and he joins TCMP as our new bassist.


We also bid farewell to our original drummer - Mike Pfannenstiel.  Mike was a charter member of the group and the main reason for us getting TCMP off the ground.  A student of his instrument and a die hard country music fan, Mike may fill in once in awhile, so keep an eye out!


Joining the group on Drums is Carl Frank.  A country music veteran, Carl has played around town with a variety of country music groups, and brings a tremendous amount of skill and experience to the role!